Dreamwalls laminated glass railings at the Galleria Office Tower in Denver-01

Galleria Office Tower

Living Design Studios used Dreamwalls laminated glass for the straight glass railings at the Galleria Office Tower renovation in Denver. What a beautiful combination of custom metalwork and glass. Bravo! Thank you for choosing Dreamwalls for this project!

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Dreamwalls bronze charcoal antique mirror at Windsor Preston Apartments in Plano TX

Windsor Preston Apartments

This is an excellent way to use Dreamwalls Antique Mirrors. The wood panels on top of the mirror make it look like a cityscape in this upscale lounge at the Windsor Preston Apartments in Plano, TX. Thank you, R.E. Watson & Associates, for choosing Dreamwalls as your antique mirror supplier for this project!

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Dreamwalls sandblasted mirror at Nordstrom-01


Have you tried Dreamwalls sandblasted mirrors yet? Add some LED backlights for an impressively modern look. To achieve this sleek look, a portion of the mirror is taped off and sandblasted, creating a matte glass look on a portion of the mirror that can be lit from behind with LED lights. The results are stunning!

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