Five Guys Conference Table

This 3/4″ (16mm) thick glass table was created for Five Guys‘ corporate headquarters. They wanted a huge, backpainted glass conference table featuring their logo as a showpiece and statement and Dreamwalls Color Glass was used to selectively paint their logo from provided vector art, in their signature red and white colors.

A table base was already chosen for the project and specified a top that was 12-feet long, 5-feet wide and 3/4-inch thick. But when the design ultimately came across our desk it was determined that the top would have to be fabricated in sections so it could fit through the door and up to the second floor. Weighing in at nearly 10lbs per square foot, it was determined the the floor and base could support the weight load.

Our suggestion was that the table needed to be split into thirds. To simply half the top would have resulted in the seam being through the center of the selectively painted corporate logo, and that wasn’t acceptable. Also, each piece at the final size of 4-ft x 5-ft weighed nearly 200 lbs, which was heavy enough for the crew to manage.

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Project Details

Location Lorton, VA