Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati

The Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, OH’s recent lobby renovation features a glass feature wall with selectively silvered mirror panels from Gardner Glass Products’ Dreamwalls family of decorative interior glass.

The Zaha Hadid-designed building was renovated to feature a cafe area in the lobby with a unique glass wall. Gardner Glass Products utilized our 53 years of experience in mirror-making to achieve. Starphire mirror was used to enhance the color clarity, and the panels were tempered for strength and safety. The glass panels were then “selectively silvered” leaving a clear glass stripe through the center of each panel using the Dreamwalls High-Definition Mirror technique, through which patrons can see.

Ryan’s All Glass of Cincinnati, OH applied the gradient finish and specified text to the glass prior to installation and installed the panels expertly at the site.

The final effect is that of a mysterious cloud that can conceal without the heavy opacity, but which allows the space to have depth and dimension in a very unique way. It also allows for a visual respite from the lively pattern and bright color in the rest of the space.

“We sought to soften the edges of the iconic design through a series of artistic interventions,” stated FRCH Senior VP and Principal Jim Stapleton in a statement. “The idea was for the lobby to be a welcoming, social space that brings the community together in a hospitable, artful way.”

Gardner Glass Products was proud to be a part of this project with a very customized, unique Dreamwalls High-Definition mirror in such a uniquely beautiful space.

Project Details

LocationCincinnati, OH
ContractorRyan’s All Glass
Interior DesignFRCH